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There are many pricing combinations, depending on what sections of a firearm you want to Duracoat, so here are some representiative samples LESS dissassembly/assembly charge. We also do parkerizing.
Firearm Type
One color
2 color Pattern
3 color Pattern
Semi Auto Rifles (Metal only)
Barreled Receivers
Hand Guns

Duracoat works equally well on metal, plastic and wood. We do it all. Ask for quotes on scopes, knives, holsters, you name it. You can save up to $135 by doing your own dissassembly / assembly. We are happy to do it for you and will price your quote accordingly. We require 50% to start and the balance upon completion. Shipping charges extra.

Detailed price list here

the bitterness of low quality is remembered
long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Payment Methods: Paypal, Credit Card, Money Order, Cashiers Check, or Cash if transaction done on location. Prices are based on number of colors as well as complexity of pattern. Some patterns have up to 7 colors (including white). Quotes are priced accordingly.

Can you ship it to us?
Yes you can.

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